Offer Technical Service Solutions in the Mining, Agriculture, Construction, General and Automotive

Scot-Mec Industrial Distributor

Mining | Agriculture | Construction | Automotive

Scot-Mec is a leading distribution organization, offering a complete range of products, technical service and solutions in main industries including Mining, Agriculture, Construction, General and Automotive engineering since 1993.

As part of our aggressive marketing strategy the company has opened branches in South Africa, Harare and Bulawayo. Our valued customers are the center of our focus. Confronting problems head-on in collaboration with customers is what we seek to achieve.

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Table of Contents

1. Industrial Solutions – Mining | Agricultural | Automotive | PPE


  • Industrial Generators
  • Industrial Automotive
  • Industrial Mining
  • Industrial Agricultural
  • Industrial Protective Personal Equipment



Why Choose Us

We offer a wide selection of mechanical and electrical power transmission products, from electric motors, bearings to gear drive systems. Representing some of the industry’s top. Scot-Mec Industrial Solutions has continued to deliver quality products and superior service to industrial users throughout SADC.

We specialize in the distribution of mechanical power transmission equipment and providing solutions to commercial users in the petro chemical, refining, bulk handling, construction, and aggregate industries.

With years of history, our culture has taught us to exceed customer expectations through unsurpassed service, quality product selection, and efficiently providing local technical support on demand. Our customers have historically trusted “SCOT-MEC” as their preferred single source provider due to our eagerness to customize local inventories to fit their needs.

Moreover, our willingness to expand product offerings by procuring those unique purchases, and our ability to provide solutions 24 hours a day / 7 days a week during critical breakdowns.

Whether you need a single component or an engineered system, trust in SCOT-MEC Industrial Solutions to provide the solution that keeps your business running.

Who We Are & Why It Matters.

The bottom line is simple. We build go-to-market solutions that help companies hit their numbers. We are the go-to people in the SADC who always make it right; offering exceptional comprehensive solutions, including distribution and new equipment sales.

We strive relentlessly to achieve continuous improvement in total customer satisfaction and it is our mission to be the undisputed leader in the drive industry in the SADC region and a true benchmark for overall exceptional business performance and customer service.

Scot-Mec Industrial Distributor | Industrial Solutions – Mining, Agriculture, Construction, and Automotive

Industrial Solutions – Mining

We offer an extensive line of products to improve efficiency and increase the output of sand and gravels conveyors. We maintain a large inventory of electric motors, bearings and conveyor components for this type of system


Industrial Solutions – Agricultural

Scot-Mec Industrial Solutions is a trusted supplier of bucket elevators, screw & belt conveyors to local farmers as they are used throughout the agricultural process for the conveying and elevating of various commodities

Industrial Solutions – Generators

We distributor reliable and efficient power, motion and control systems with attention to life cycle service and performance to optimize energy consumption over the life of your equipment and plant.

Industrial Solutions – Automotive

We supply your components to the installation site just in time and assemble your modules and vehicles in sequence. We are able to supply almost anything you may need to perform mechanical repairs.

Industrial Solutions – PPE

Scot-Mec is a global leader in hand protection and PPE (personal protective equipment) to industrial wholesalers. PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, are the tools that ensure the basic health protection and safety of users.

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